[sylpheed:32192] NNTP mistakes (bug?)

Nicolas Sebrecht ni.s at laposte.net
Sun Apr 13 07:06:15 JST 2008


I'm running Sylpheed 2.4.7 on Gentoo. I have a problem with my NNTP account
for a week. I never had problems for 1-2 years.

The number of unread messages in the list of forums (didn't
found any reproductible way) prints "mistaken" values sometimes. It probably
results from "duplicated" messages (please, check printed screens
here: link at bottom).

Filesystem checked (ok) with enough free space and free inodes.

I got the same behaviour with sylpheed 2.4.8 from Gentoo's ebuilds and
version 2.6.8 from your website.
Files in ~/.sylpheed-2.0/newscache deleted every times between tests.

I can do more tests if asked or needed.



Nicolas Sebrecht

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