[sylpheed:31458] Re: Read Receipt with Sylpheed

Stefaan A Eeckels Stefaan.Eeckels at ecc.lu
Sun Jun 17 06:30:00 JST 2007

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 20:51:33 +0100
Laurence Darby <ldarby at mips.com> wrote:

> I still don't see how knowing when recipient opened a mail is useful
> and might not be resented.  Stefaan, you mentioned it's helpful to
> you, could you please elaborate on that, or did you mean DSN?

I meant MDN, because that's what tells me that the user has done
something with the message. It's particularly useful (in my case) for
messages sent to functional addresses because I can monitor which
the recipients to which the message is "exploded", read or simply
binned the message. Notice that these recipients are working together
on projects (but not always for the same organisation) and thus know
about the requirements to act upon messages.

For the recipient, sending an MDN is also much quicker and less
intrusive than having to pen a reply. Ideally, the receiving MUA would
"marry" the MDN (and the DSN of course) to the message without showing
it in the thread - something like a colour change of the recipient
addresses, or an icon next to the address. Clicking on the address or
icon could reveal the content of the MDN. 

I certainly wouldn't use it for all messages, but in cases where
performance and quality is measured MDNs can be very useful. 

Stefaan A Eeckels
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