[sylpheed:31455] Re: Read Receipt with Sylpheed

Laurence Darby ldarby at mips.com
Sat Jun 16 04:51:33 JST 2007

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez wrote:

>Laurence Darby <ldarby at mips.com> wrote:
>> It's called a telephone.    So, Hiro, please consider this a vote not
>> to implement this or other idiocy such as Message Disposition
>> Notification :)
>That won't work as well as sending the read receipt (or any other
>MDN).  For instance, the person don't have access to a working
>telephone, even though have internet access.  Or, given enough timezone
>difference, it is very undesirable to be phoned just to hear "read your
>mail, will reply soon, go back to sleep".

That wasn't my point.  If you need to know someone has listened to you,
understood you, and get a time estimate for when they'll act on what
you said, and are assuming they are too lazy/stupid/impolite to read &
reply or act on your email, then you'd better have a telephone.  Also,
if you're assuming they're lazy/stupid/impolite then you wouldn't be
able rely on them configuring their MUA to respond to the MDN. That's
my own critism of MDN's, for more read the RFC 2298.

If, on the other hand, you don't trust the internet and only want to
know the mail got to the users inbox without being queued up on a mail
server somewhere, then Delivery Status Notifications are appropriate
for that (which doesn't I think require much GUI support).

I still don't see how knowing when recipient opened a mail is useful
and might not be resented.  Stefaan, you mentioned it's helpful to you,
could you please elaborate on that, or did you mean DSN?


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