[sylpheed:30225] Can't see non-ASCII charcters

Aleksandr Konstantinov akonstantinov at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 23 05:53:07 JST 2006


 I'm using Sylpheed 2.2.9 on Slackware 8.0.0 with
GTK++ 2.8.9 and Glib 2.8.4 . 
 Whenever received mail has non-ASCII character
encoded with UTF-8 nothing is displayed. Not even
empty space or garbage. Forcing cahrset to UTF-8 does
not help. It does not even change anything.
 If I forward same mail to web based mailbox and look
it through web browser (mozilla 1.1 and opera 8.5
tested) all characters are displayed correctly if
charset is set to UTF-8.
 Any ideas are appretiated.



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