[sylpheed:30205] Re: Open in browser

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at highstream.net
Sat Oct 21 05:44:08 JST 2006

Guillermo Ramhorst <gramhorst at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:

>Bob and everyone else, thank you for your prompt answers.
>I'just tried what you said and it works, except for the mentioned inline 
>images issue.
>But I still have some mails where I don't see any attachment tab, it's 
>just a text/html message. Any ideas in this regard?
>I can redirect one of them to you if you like, just tell me where to. 
>Just to get an idea, its kind of:

Are you referring to HTML mail that has images within it that you can't
see?  Sylpheed doesn't handle those.  Instead, you click on a link in
the email, or copy a text URL over to your browser.  I find
the loss of image to be a problem very occasionally, but those are a
function of poor email design, not taking into account how a text user
would see it.


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