[sylpheed-announce:00034] Sylpheed 2.4.0 (stable) released

Hiroyuki Yamamoto hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Fri Apr 20 17:27:49 JST 2007


The official stable version Sylpheed 2.4.0 (2.4.0-win32) has been

2.4.0 includes feature enhancements which were especially requested by
users many times, along with various feature and quality improvements.
In Windows version, the performance of drawing and network
communication has been improved, and Windows Vista has been supported.

A countermeasure against the APOP vulnerability (CVE-2007-1558) was
also made.


Changes from 2.3.1:

# New features

    * Toolbar
          o The customization of the toolbars was implemented.
          o 'Prev', 'Print', 'Address', 'Prefs', 'Account', 'Not junk',
            'Search' and 'Stop' button was added to the toolbars.
          o The overflow menu for the toolbars was added.
          o The option to place toolbar labels at the right of icons
            was added.
    * Address book
          o Copy and paste of persons in the address book was enabled.
          o In the address book, the import of CSV and Tab-separated
            text file was enabled.
    * The automatic filtering of IMAP4 on receive operation was enabled.
    * The option to toggle the window on the trayicon click was added.

# Feature improvements

    * Junk mails are now filtered when incorporating from local spool.
    * The width of toolbar buttons was reduced when the labels are
    * The checking of remote folders doesn't abort with non-fatal
      errors now except for network failure.
    * Close button was added to the address book dialog.
    * In-Reply-To header was supported in mailto URL.
    * An error message is displayed now when the decryption of PGP
      encrypted messages failed.
    * 'Within 1 day' and 'Last 5 days' was added to the quick search
    * The toolbar style switch was added to the toolbar context menu.
    * The limitation of the nesting level of MIME structure was relaxed.
    * A margin for text was added to the composition window.
    * An error dialog is displayed if the execution of junk filter
      command fails.
    * The overwrite confirmation of the file selection dialog was
    * The file copy and move operation were optimized.
    * The included Japanese manual was updated.
    * Unix: Symbolic links are now also scanned when scanning MH
    * Win32: Windows Vista was supported. (*)
    * Win32: the socket buffer size was adjusted to improve the
      performance of network communication.
    * Win32: System fonts with multi-byte font names (such as 'MS
      PGothic' and 'Meiryo') can be available now.
    * Win32: The redraw of windows became smoother (GTK+).
    * Win32: Win32 shell icons are now displayed on the file selection
      dialog (GTK+).
    * Win32: The included libraries was updated to the latest version.

# Bugfixes

    * The problem that the width of the folder view was not saved when
      the main window was maximized was fixed.
    * The crash when verifying signed messages with popup window was
    * The crash on exit when the order of summary columns were modified
      by DnD was fixed.
    * The wrong handling of quotation in multi-byte strings on MIME
      header encoding was fixed.
    * The behavior of 'Go to next unread' with changing folders was
    * Several bugs of the search dialog were fixed.
    * Several bugs of the address book were fixed.
    * The crash on the cancellation of sending or receiving was fixed.
    * Unix: The bug that the window was kept being skipped from window
      list after it became visible with window shading or switching
    * Win32: The sorted column of the selected row on the summary view
      becomes visible when it doesn't have focus.
    * Win32: In Windows Vista, the problem that the selected menu items
      were not visible was fixed.
    * Win32: The bug that the timeout on receiving and sending didn't
      work was fixed.
    * Win32: The path separator problem of folderlist.xml was fixed.
    * Win32: Environmental variable "LANGUAGE" was disabled (fixes
      incorrect language selection on some environments).
    * Win32: If the initial loading of "MS Gothic" font failed,
      multi-byte font name is used now (workaround for JIS2004 MS Gothic
    * Win32: The crash when fetching messages more than 64KB from IMAP4
      server via FreeCap (a SOCKS wrapper) was fixed.

# Changes from 2.4.0rc

    * Invalid APOP timestamp is rejected now (CVE-2007-1558).
    * The configuration file is written out after the toolbar is
    * Win32: OpenSSL was updated to 0.9.8e.

(*) As a current restriction, Sylpheed cannot be specifed as a system
default mail program.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>
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