[sylpheed:37009] Re: Is the Sylpheed project dead? (was: Re: Re: [ANNOUNCE] Server maintenance (2020/11/26))

Ricardo Mones mones at debian.org
Sun Sep 12 09:37:00 JST 2021


On Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 10:02:30PM +0900, Kentaro Hayashi wrote:
> Hi,
> 2021年9月11日(土) 20:57 Ricardo Mones <mones at debian.org>:
> snip
> > Anyway, without network access to the SVN repo is not possible to get a
> > git clone with full history.
> It seems that accessible svn:// was changed (I don't know the reason why)
> The following command will work.
> svn checkout svn://sylpheed-svn.sraoss.jp/sylpheed/trunk sylpheed

Thanks Kentaro! That URL works, indeed. It allowed me to convert the
repo to git locally, just in case ;-)

> https://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/ja/svn.html points
> svn://sylpheed-svn.sraoss.jp/sylpheed/trunk
> https://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/ points svn://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/sylpheed/trunk

Well, I guess that was a mistake. Anyway I'd say the usual for those kind
of changes is to post some message to the ML, and perhaps make a news
entry for it, not only update the web page.

  Ricardo Mones 
  RTFM - "Read The Manual" (The 'F' is silent). Usually a very good 
  idea.                                             Bjarne Stroustrup
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