[sylpheed:37047] Re: Sylpheed project

Sijmen J. Mulder ik at sjmulder.nl
Mon Oct 25 18:51:19 JST 2021

Hiroyuki Yamamoto <hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp>:
> First, sorry for no response for long periods. I'm still alive :)
> I'm somewhat busy for work and some projects in the company,
> so I have not been able to update Sylpheed,
> though its development is still not stopped.

Glad to hear all is well!

> The recent matter of concern is to migrate the svn repository to github,
> mainly to reduce the server maintenance cost and improve user-friendliness.
> (Its schedule is not yet determined, but probably in the near future)

That would be cool; adds some visibility and makes it easy for people
to do pull requests and file issues through an interface familiar to

 - -

There have been some pain points with Sylpheed for me that I considered
trying to address but I was unsure if the project was stil alive. So
maybe I'll see if I can work on them now that it's clear the project is
still alive:

 - OAuth support
 - S/MIME support (at least for reading non-encrypted messages)
 - high/mixed DPI issues on Windows
 - column resizing behaviour so you don't get horiz. scroll bars all
   the time


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