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Hi Celejar
Hi Mailing List

Struggling here to spot where you are headed to, Celejar ...

Why do we no try to avoid to cause waste of time of other readers here ? sounds good ?

- I am not interested in "persuading" anyone about anything.

I have my own educated opinion / point of view, resulting from personal works, research, experiences, and offer it here neutrally.

Everyone pickup pieces of own interest.

Parts are not clear ? Questions are welcome.

Everyone build his very own decision without being mindlessly followers.
No persuasion game.
kool ? 

Believes? I have no believes but education.
What I do not know, I do not know. That is 0.K.
If it does become needed, I may work out to pass to know, no stress.

Problems always brings the solution within themselves.

Now, about the "deal clearer", 
I do not know what is a "deal clearer", my experience is a bit limited.

  I am on computer Universe only from a bit more then 50 years,
  I taught at University level, 
  I have been security consultant :
  - in the 1st world wide home banking project (actually a companies/banking prjct) ;
  - for an Oil Company to address their needs to secure Comms, Phone, E-mail ;
  - for giant multinational with seat in more than 30 countries (*ALxxxxxxx) teaching new principles of security mainly to engineers from Vodafone and alike client companies ;
  I have set and founded, let us say more than 1 company (IT) ;
  including a large scale one in Direct Sales.

  is it enough to make me a good deal clearer ?

  I really do not know.
  What I know is I respect each one of you and will avoid to "make up your minds".

But if I had an important information, I will share it. This is what I have done.

Github are attracting new an "green" developers offering great visibility of the platform.
But it does come to a cost, a bad cost.

M$ never had stopped the war against the Open Source Universe.

The Github Polemics are up in many blogs, reviews and newpapers.

Illegal use of information is a center piece of many discussions.

This is not a "belief", that is a fact.

But every one of use if free to build up their own decision.

If one is 0.K. to sign up for a public endoscopy, well ... I respect, but it will continue an abuse.

What I said 2 posts ago and I will not reiterate comments, is :

- I will not continue to follow the project, nor continue to use Sylpheed if it goes under M$ umbrella. Period.

People are free to come and go.
you have a shop, good clients, then a day, that good client do not show up anymore but go to a competitor. And you spend long time wondering why.

Clients tell you when and why they are happy, but usually never when they are not and why they leaves.

I have this honesty here.


Alternatives exists

please consider them 

exemplis gratia


staying or leaving, to everyone, a big thank you.


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