[sylpheed:36955] Re: Change displayorder of mailboxes

Souji Thenria souji at souji-thenria.com
Tue Aug 18 03:47:38 JST 2020


sorry for the late answer.
It seems like in the Windows version does the folderlist.xml not exist.

So, I just have to re add the mailboxes manually. It is actually not 
that big of a deal. I was just curios if the is a more comfortable way 
of doing it.


On 08/08/2020 11:12, Thomas White wrote:
> Hi,
>> I have multiple mailboxes in Sylpheed and want to change the order in
>> which they are listed. So I thought it might be possible with
>> Configuration -> Edit accounts, but it seems like the order in there
>> does not influence the order in which the mailboxes are displayed.
> This seems to be possible if you're comfortable editing XML by hand.
> At least, I've tried it myself and there seem to be no side-effects.
> Find the file folderlist.xml (in ~/.sylpheed-2.0 on Unix, I don't know
> where to find it on Windows), and move the <folder>....</folder> blocks
> into the order you want.  Don't change the "account_id" fields because
> these have to agree with the contents of other config files as well.
> Make a backup first, obviously!  Ideally back up the entire Sylpheed
> configuration directory.
> Hope that helps,
> Tom

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