[sylpheed:36954] Re: Change displayorder of mailboxes

Thomas White taw at bitwiz.me.uk
Sat Aug 8 18:12:21 JST 2020


> I have multiple mailboxes in Sylpheed and want to change the order in
> which they are listed. So I thought it might be possible with
> Configuration -> Edit accounts, but it seems like the order in there
> does not influence the order in which the mailboxes are displayed.

This seems to be possible if you're comfortable editing XML by hand.
At least, I've tried it myself and there seem to be no side-effects.

Find the file folderlist.xml (in ~/.sylpheed-2.0 on Unix, I don't know
where to find it on Windows), and move the <folder>....</folder> blocks
into the order you want.  Don't change the "account_id" fields because
these have to agree with the contents of other config files as well.

Make a backup first, obviously!  Ideally back up the entire Sylpheed
configuration directory.

Hope that helps,


Thomas White <taw at bitwiz.me.uk>

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