[sylpheed:36855] Re: No right UTF-8 sent to External Editor in Win7.

lacodd-9 lacodd-9 at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 6 14:16:06 JST 2019

When I got my own message in the Digest [txt version], none of the special characters [some Spanish, some Kanjis, some Russian] appear, so if someone wants to understand, in the page https://www.sraoss.jp/pipermail/sylpheed/ » october, all characters show right o\in my topic.

[so my Sylpheed sent the message right, but the program used by the mailing list didn't...]

On Sat, 5 Oct 2019 16:17:38 -0500
lacodd-9 <lacodd-9 at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi.
> This is an old issue of Sylpheed, ...

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