[sylpheed:36854] No right UTF-8 sent to External Editor in Win7.

lacodd-9 lacodd-9 at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 6 06:17:38 JST 2019

This is an old issue of Sylpheed, which apparently has a solution in Linux ("Try locale encoding in the external editor (or change the locale encoding itself to UTF-8)"), but in Windows 7 it is not possible to change the locale to UTF-8 (locale encoding changes in the external editors doen't help). [I also tried with 'Locale-Emulator' program].

So to replicate, eg paste this in a new email:

。 并且可编 

[it's correctly displayed in Sylpheed]
if i then click 'Edit in External Editor', this is shown there:

___ ____________ 

I have tried 'External Editor' with Notepad, Notepad++, Akelpad, Notepad3, ... 
In Sylpheed I use either 'Automatic' or 'UTF-8', but the message is identified in whatever External Editor as one of this: 
* "ANSI" [my locale is Western European ISO 8859-1], 
* Central European ISO 8859-2
* UTF-8 but "UNIX" instead of 'Windows' and it displays wrong anyway

Trying with all the different encoding options in each, none works. 
When I close the External Editor, this appears in Sylpheed editor:

___ ____________ 

If I save to Draft ten it's irrecoverable, so I 'close without saving' to return to the right original letters.

So the suggestion to  please make Sylpheed send UTF-8  [or whatever non-Locale encoding used] to  the External Editor, not looking at the locale encoding in Windows.

[I need to use an External Editor mainly because in Sylpheed's Editor 'Find' (Ctrl+F) doesn't work, and URLs/email adresses don't highlight/change color. I need 'Find' and easier to see URLs because I make very long Drafts with links, words in differents languages... ].

I want to switch to Linux, but not yet. For now this is a problem in Windows 7.

Anyway many thanks, in my tests Sylpheed is better than Thunderbird (< heavier) and better than Claws (< no 'Remote Mail box').

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