[sylpheed:36849] SOLVED: Display of Bcc with sylpheed version 3.7.0

Frank Elsner frank.elsner at mailbox.org
Tue Oct 1 02:53:50 JST 2019

On Mon, 30 Sep 2019 15:10:51 +0200 Frank Elsner wrote:
> Hello,
> my "dispheaderrc" contains the string "Bcc", but when displaying 
> a message sent by me and having a recipient "Bcc"ed, 
> the "Bcc" line is not displayed. 
> Can somebody explain or help me out?
> I want to see which address I "Bcc"ed when sending mail.

The problem arised because I "Bcc" my own address for every message 
and the message delivered to my inbox - of course - has no "Bcc" line.

I think I will save sent messages to a folder.


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