[sylpheed:36772] send emails to a local file?

Ranjan Maitra maitra at email.com
Thu Mar 28 13:38:27 JST 2019


I need to send e-mail through the Microsoft's Graph API (using a complicated 2FA setu): that is the only way my work will allow e-mails to be sent. At the same time, I would like to use sylpheed.

So, I have hit a possible workaround: write python code to send e-mail (which I have successfully done) through the MS Graph API, use sylpheed to actually save to a file and then have a cron job execute the python code.

However, I can not figure out how to have sylpheed write e-mails to a local  file, or even use an external program.

There used to be an option as per: http://sylpheeddoc.sourceforge.net/en/manual/manual-8.html for sending e-mails via an external program.

However, it is not clear to me that this option works anymore: my Fedora 29 sylpheed 3.7.0 installation does not have it. Is it hidden somewhere else?

Alternatively, is it possible to send e-mails, essentially to a local file in sylpheed? Are there any other suggestions/options that someone else has?

Many thanks and best wishes,

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