[sylpheed:36770] Proporsal: an option not no conceal errors

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 22:51:50 JST 2019

Hello, all

When Sylpheed cannot check an IMAP account it records the
error in the log window:

  [16:47:35] IMAP4> 2 LOGIN "GIT\Anto" ********
  [16:47:35] IMAP4< 2 NO LOGIN failed.
  ** LibSylph-WARNING: [16:47:35] IMAP4 login failed.
  ** IMAP4 login failed.

but does not tell anyting to the user.  I think it would be
better to show an error message so that the user might know
that something is wrong.  I was not receiving any mail from
a local Exchange account for a month because of this

Maybe this behavior can be changed, either unconditionally
(for this seems a sane decision) or based on a configuration

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