[sylpheed:36820] Re: Windows - associate sylpheed to right click menu "send to mail recipient"

Joe joe.on.list at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 01:10:38 JST 2019

On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 4:04 PM Michael Weiner <spam at cogit.net> wrote:
> I believe that the issue is "Send to"-- from the Windows Explorer
> context menu-- rather than "mailto:". "Mailto:" is easy to fix. "Send
> to" appears more difficult. I have not found a fix yet. Although one
> can insert a Windows file shortcut to Sylpheed into the "Send to"
> directory, sending a file to that shortcut does not attach it to a new
> message in a composition window. Instead, the Sylpheed viewer window
> attempts to display the file.
> The "Send to" directory is listed below.
> C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\

Exactly, that is the matter...

I'm a bit surprised nobody of you users tested this problem.Likely this list
and more in general sylpheed client is not so used by windows users... :)

Anyway a quick solution i found is to write a little batch file (.bat dos/win
script) that call the command:

sylpheed --attach %1

%1  -stand for the first argument the script was passed by explorer
(when you right-click a file and choose send-to, and then mail-recipient,
that file is passed to the mail compose program as "the first argument").

I experienced that the above script has to be placed in the sylpheed
install directory:

c:\program files (x86)\sylpeed\batch-file.bat

And then a new link has to be created under "send to" dir:


I don't know why but it doesn't work if you create a symlink from
windows shellprompt, you have to open that dir, right click in it,
and then create new link, choose sylpheed batch file.
We can also name it as similar to "Mail Recipient" or so on...

Now, if I right click a file (or even more files at once) and choose

"send to" > "Mail Recipient"...

Here we go, sylpheed opens-up its compose window, selected files
appear attachedto the new message. We can edit recipient, subject
body an finally send.

Anyway I noticed one other problem linked to this particular solution.
batch script use to run in a dos window...
Also in this case, when sylpheed opens up, also a black dos windows
appears, and persists open. It is not a very clean behavior and I'd like
to find a work around.

Seems a way could be to write a VB script that call our batch script
that recallsylpheed command. May be we just need a vbs file only,
the runs sylpheed commandand pass to it the first argument explorer
give to it when right click the file to attach.

Is there anybody out there able to write down a VB solution as explained?
If thanks to my poor english I wasn't clear enough, let me know, I'll try to
repeat again.

As recap:
- visual basic script that
- get the first argument passed by explorer
- and send this argument (fil we want to attach) to sylpheed command:

 c\program files (x86)\sylpheed\sylpheed --attach "$ARGUMENT"

I'm a linux user and don't know visual basic at all. I tried to copy
some example but they didn't work...

I tried to install sylpheed on a pc at office, it is used by some
windows 7 users (really basic users!).

Anyway, thanks for your replies!  :)

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