[sylpheed:36712] some noob questions

system fail team at cacn.de
Tue May 22 20:52:18 JST 2018

Hello readers,

i am new at Sylpheed. I use it on a Debian Derivat. i have Sylpheed installed from my Synaptic. 

after start up sylpheed i get the msg for Updates of Sylpheed. Can i upgrade maunaly? or must i wait for the Maintainer of my Disto?

Another question: after setup from a mail account i have a *alias* of this mailaccount. How can i set up the Alias for one mailaccount?

Sorry, i have read this first: http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/doc/faq/en/sylpheed-faq-2.html
But, i don't find any "alias" setup help.

Thanks in advaced

system fail <team at cacn.de>

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