[sylpheed:36688] delay or extra cause for 'dead display update / no reaction' time

Mertens Maatwerk rien at mertensmaatwerk.nl
Mon Mar 12 21:40:07 JST 2018

I added a second imap server for a new e-mail account with another provider, xs4all.nl.

Now I have an extra cause of long events of "no reaction and grey displayed left column"

This might be the same problem as the other discussion was about, making clear that it seems a stil more pronounced delay by adding a second imap server to the Sylpheed client?

I was hoping to test it by trying to avoid updating both together, but I don't see how to update the second one without also starting an update of the first (default) account.

The effect I recognise is that the left column with the overview of all mail boxes and maps is greyed out, and this takes quit some time, wher Sylpheed seems to not react on any new action, like quittiing, or viewing another map, or starting to open a map.

So it really is a "greyed out because not functional, busy with something else" effect.

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