[sylpheed:36685] Re: Socket IO timeout error

Javier sylfiger at gmx.com
Fri Mar 9 03:42:36 JST 2018

On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 13:11:58 +0000 (UTC)
stef204 <notvalid at nomail.nul> wrote:

> On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 23:06:29 -0600, Rich Coe wrote:
> > If it was working on sylpheed 3.5, can you try capturing the network
> > trace on 3.5 version and comparing the dump with the new sylpheed
> > version?
> Not sure it will help but I can try.
> What do you suggest to captre the dump?
> tcpdump?  Which options would you use?
> Wireshark?


They won't help. It doesn't come even from 3.5. I'm using 3.4.3 and
happens and happened since a "few" more versions back (I’m using
actively since at least 3.0).

It is a problem with the server, as Dennis initially told you; and
with Sylpheed, with the solution told by Ricardo.

There are servers that keep the session open for more than 15
minutes, or so, (Gmail, for example) and others that in 5-10 minutes,
or less, closes it (Yahoo, for example).

And it is an annoying thing, but is what Sylpheed needs to do to use
that account again, wait for timeout, reconnect, and if there is a
timeout, on the attempt, that, actually, is a server problem.

And with this you can’t do anything.

It's true that Sylpheed has a problem with timeouts and I told about
it here, in the mailing list, a few times, that, at least by default,
30 seconds of timeout is way tooooooo much. After years of use, and
"thanks" to the behavior of Yahoo IMAP server, and before this,
Outlook/Hotmail/MS IMAP server, the average timeout without much
frustration involved, is about 10 second, as you ended setting up.

Experience told that waiting more than 10 seconds, usually, doesn’t
mean you would get a response.

I'm in the opposite place of a server in the globe and I don't need
more timeout and I have over 300ms latency. All ingredients for
disaster, but all is fine.

>From here, mainly for Hiroyuki.

But, in the other hand, Sylpheed has sometimes
understandable-but-dumb behaviors as send a LOGOUT command after a
timeout in a LOGIN command. If the server had problems to reply,
what do you think would happen after a LOGOUT command for an unknown
status session??? (we don't know if the server was, actually, able to
validate the credentials).

This, with default settings, is 1 minute waiting. If you have
several IMAP accounts like me and all are in the same failing
server... imagine it.

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