[sylpheed:36757] Re: Strange bug with small screen

Michael Shell list1 at michaelshell.org
Wed Dec 19 16:09:43 JST 2018

On Tue, 18 Dec 2018 09:05:05 -0500
Stefan Vorkoetter <stefan at capable.ca> wrote:

> However, I recently logged into the tablet remotely from my desktop, and
> launched Sylpheed from there so that it opened on my desktop machine.
> That also worked fine.
> However, ever since then, if I launch Sylpheed from the taskbar icon on
> the tablet, and then tap anything that opens another Sylpheed window
> (e.g. compose a message, preferences, etc.) it immediately crashes and
> closes.


It would seem that a problematic change occurred in your .sylpheed-2.0
dir and that is triggering the problem (how else would sylpheed
"know/remember" that it had been run remotely?). I would save a copy
of that dir and then start deleting the cache files, etc. to see if the
problem can be overcome. (Or even start with an empty .sylpheed-2.0
to see if that allows other windows to open OK.)

Also, I would want to know exactly how the tablet taskbar is lauching
sylpheed - what is the exact command it calls?


Look at the taskbar configuration. Maybe there is a "start within a
terminal" option (this is Terminal=True for .desktop files) you
can try.

Sylpheed has --debug and --safe-mode options which might reveal some

But, for the ultimate investigation, sylpheed should be started under
the gbd debugger so that you can do a backtrace and see where exactly
in the code the crash happens.

With a shell, you would do:

gdb sylpheed

but, you would have to find a way to feed the run and bt commands
to gbd (as well as see the response to them) under a taskbar launch.

Tis an odd problem that makes debugging here a real challenge.

If you don't get any more help here, you should ask on a Raspberry Pi
forum "how to debug an application under a taskbar launch" (it would
not be a sylpheed specific question). Then, when you get a backtrace
or other log/debug info, come back to the sylpheed forum with that.


  Mike Shell

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