[sylpheed:36756] Strange bug with small screen

Stefan Vorkoetter stefan at capable.ca
Tue Dec 18 23:05:05 JST 2018

I use Sylpheed on my Raspberry Pi based tablet (http://www.stefanv.com/electronics/a-compact-home-made-raspberry-pi-tablet.html) and it's been working fine for the year or so I've been using it. However, I recently logged into the tablet remotely from my desktop, and launched Sylpheed from there so that it opened on my desktop machine. That also worked fine.

However, ever since then, if I launch Sylpheed from the taskbar icon on the tablet, and then tap anything that opens another Sylpheed window (e.g. compose a message, preferences, etc.) it immediately crashes and closes. On the other hand, if I launch Sylpheed from a terminal window on the tablet, everything works fine. This is somewhat annoying because launching it from the terminal is awkward when using only the on-screen keyboard (e.g. when running to the gate at an airport).

I was wondering if anyone had any idea why it would work fine when launched from a terminal window, but not when launched from a taskbar icon?


Stefan Vorkoetter

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