[sylpheed:36405] LibSylph Warning

edwardp at openmailbox.org edwardp at openmailbox.org
Mon Jan 11 04:09:30 JST 2016


I attempted to retrieve one e-mail message from a POP3 account and Sylpheed was unable to retrieve the e-mail. Claws Mail was subsequently used and that retrieved it without any issues.

The Sylpheed Protocol log shows (after logging in):

[14:00:47] POP3> STAT
[14:00:47] POP3< +OK 1 1947
[14:00:47] POP3> UIDL
[14:00:47] POP3< +OK 
[14:00:47] POP3> LIST
[14:00:47] POP3< +OK 1 messages (1947 octets) [0 control message(s) hidden]
[14:00:48] POP3> RETR 1
[14:00:48] POP3< +OK 1947 octets
** LibSylph-WARNING: [14:00:48] Can't write file.

*** Can't write file.

Would there be some sort of reason why Sylpheed could not write the file? The version of Sylpheed installed is 3.4.3 on Fedora Linux 23 64-bit using Fedora package.

Thank you in advance.

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