[sylpheed:36422] Advantages of Sylpheed over Claws Mail

vitsen at gmx.com vitsen at gmx.com
Thu Feb 18 07:20:40 JST 2016


currently I am not a Sylpheed user (my client is Claws Mail), but I am curious about Sylpheed. Usually the forks of a software project are more advanced than the original project, and this may be the case with Claws Mail, but I have noticed that in spite of everything Sylpheed keeps developing and improving.

I know that my question may appear like trolling, but it is not.
Basically, I was wondering, why would one prefer Sylpheed over Claws Mail? What are the advantages? I am a Claws Mail user, what can Sylpheed offer me to convince me to make the switch from Claws Mail?
Lastly, does Sylpheed have some philosophy or development guidelines that make it substantially different from Claws Mail?

By the way, I found out that Sylpheed is respected in the Fedora community and elsewhere, so this grabbed my attention and made me sit up.

I thank you in advance


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