[sylpheed:36353] Re: Can't delete Mailbox folder, any ideas?

Charles Lehner cel at celehner.com
Thu Oct 8 07:51:17 JST 2015

Hi Merlin,

On Wed, 7 Oct 2015 19:59:15 +0200
MB <merlinbuege at web.de> wrote:

> I have a mailbox folder on the left panel which I cannot delete...
> If I run sylpheed from terminal with the "--debug" option, click the mailbox, go File -> Mailbox -> Delete Mailbox, I get the following message:

Try opening the file ~/.sylpheed-2.0/folderlist.xml and deleting the <folderitem> line for the mailbox in question. If this is done while Sylpheed is not running, the mailbox should be gone when it runs again.


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