[sylpheed:36352] Can't delete Mailbox folder, any ideas?

MB merlinbuege at web.de
Thu Oct 8 02:59:15 JST 2015

Hey everyone,

this is my first message here, hope I'm doing it all right.

I have a mailbox folder on the left panel which I cannot delete...
If I run sylpheed from terminal with the "--debug" option, click the mailbox, go File -> Mailbox -> Delete Mailbox, I get the following message:

(sylpheed:1988): Sylpheed-CRITICAL **: folderview_rm_imap_server_cb: assertion 'item->folder->account != NULL' failed

I already restarted sylpheed, did several reboots, and searched the web a little bit...

It found this issue:
... but actually, the debug messages a different, although it looks kind of similar.

I'm running manjaro on a Thinkpad L520, which is up-to-date.
Sylpheed is installed in Version 3.4.3 (Build 1160).
Libraries: GTK+ 2.24.28 / GLib 2.44.1
Kernel info: Linux 3.18.21-1-MANJARO (x86_64)

Does anybody can give me a hint what I can do, or what I can search for?
I'm a little bit helpless...

Thank you!


MB <merlinbuege at web.de>

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