[sylpheed:36258] Help with icons, please ...

Craig freecycle01 at pisquared.net
Mon Jan 26 13:45:12 JST 2015

A long while ago, when one was looking at a directory's listing of
emails, an attachment was indicated by an icon that looked like a

A less while ago, that was changed to one that looked like a page with a
round blob in the middle of it.

Since I wanted to continue to use the paperclip, I have found ways to
change the icon back to a paperclip. In successive revisions of sylpheed
the things that I have had to do have changed, but I was able to figure
out how to get the paperclip icon back.

I am just now compiling sylpheed-3.5.0beta2 and am finding that I cannot
figure out how to get the paperclip icon to indicate an attachment back.

Would someone please help me figure that out?



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