[sylpheed:36341] Saved search folder BUG?

G H uothrawn at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 29 07:53:21 JST 2015

Recursive saved search folders do not sync IMAP changes 

I use the Edit > Search messages option and create a saved search with filter of only: "Unread". I then set it to search subfolders and "Save it as a search folder" with name "SEARCH: All Unread". Clicking on the folder correctly loads unread messages. However, as I go through and mark them as read or view them manually, Sylpheed inconsistently saves the state of the messages. For example, I can mark a block of 20 emails as read, but when I go view another folder, then come back to the saved search, the exact same messages will reappear. Also, deleting the emails has the same effect; they will disappear from the saved search folder, but leaving the saved search folder and then returning to it: they are all back. 

Has anyone else seen this issue?


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