[sylpheed:36323] Re: FYI: emojis ☺ 👩‍ 🌱

Siard shiems146 at kpnplanet.nl
Tue Aug 11 08:04:48 JST 2015

I wrote:
> you can download the EmojiSymbols font from here:
> http://emojisymbols.com/ , use FontForge to convert the .woff font
> into a .ttf font and install it.

BTW, I found that in Debian based distributions you can install
ttf-ancient-fonts from the repository instead, and in Fedora and
openSUSE you can install gdouros-symbola-fonts instead.
It is mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emoji#Linux

I can confirm that this, too, works very well in Sylpheed.

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