[sylpheed:36320] Re: Change outgoing message From address

dilos sylpheed at dilos.nl
Sat Aug 8 07:14:38 JST 2015

> At least, selecting the 'From' manually looks like an improvement to me.
Yeah, but only if you have a few fixed accounts.

> Until a couple of years ago I used KMail. It had the option - and still
> has - to freely enter/edit the 'From'-address.

> However, if you would still like to freely enter/edit the 'From'
> address, maybe submit a request? Add it to the wish list?
I think an option to pipe the outgoing message through a program is the
most generic/least obtrusive feature request. You can put everything in

Where's the wish list? only see weird let.., i mean Japanese.

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