[sylpheed:36318] Re: Change outgoing message From address

dilos sylpheed at dilos.nl
Sat Aug 8 05:15:47 JST 2015


> What I'm doing is this:
> I create an account and a folder for each username.
> The 'From' address is entered into Configuration > Edit accounts >
> tab 'Basic' > select account > Edit > Personal information.
That would work, only then i need to create an account for every
username i come up with.

> But there is a second method, where a separate folder for each account
> is not needed. When replying, in the Compose window, next to 'From' you
> can change the used account, and hence, the 'From'-address.

For this also. And you have to select it manually before sending.
Maybe a textbox where you can just enter the From: username would be a solution

What i do now is change Mail address in Account preferences for every single msg,
which is a little cumbersome.

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