[sylpheed:36075] Temp folder path issue with GnuPG under Windows

Javier meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Thu Jun 5 07:34:19 JST 2014


I discovered a non-important thing but catch my eye.

Sometimes I use RAMDisk and I set the Windows %temp% and %tmp%
variables to that RAMDisk. And, also, sometimes, I forget to undo de

When this happens %temp% and %tmp% point nowhere. Usually this is not
a big deal for most applications but I found it is for Sylpheed in an
strange way.

When this happens Sylpheed warns the user that it can't find GnuPG or
it is outdated. It is as it couldn't read the registry entry that tells GnuPG is 

Nosense error, from my point of view, but that is what happens.

Could you confirm this and, if so, Hiroyuki could take note? ;)


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