[sylpheed:36145] libnotify - Notifications

stef stef_204 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 02:29:32 JST 2014


I just found out I had message digest turned on for this list so I did not get any emails that "might" have been sent as a reply; but I did see Craig's answer on sylpheed's website.

I think it is more a question of libnotify parameters, actually (but I could be wrong).
Here is a link I have been looking at <https://developer.gnome.org/notification-spec/>
I've bee trying with various options described on that page but no luck but I could be doing it incorrectly.

I also tried a small ruby example script I found on a wiki which works to send test notifications like "Hello world"; so I can try to adapt it to this particular situation.
Although I might be better off continuing to use a simple bash script.

I still need to know the various parameters to pass to the notification-daemon and I also would need to know whether Sylpheed IS even capable or not to send these types of notifications to the server.  That is not a given.

I should think it is capable but not sure.  I believe the '%d; is a parameter which works on number of unread messages--it does work in Sylpheed's own tray notification "pop-up" but perhaps that is the ONLY parameters it can use for the moment.

Anyone knows??

Hiro?? :)

==> Craig, incidentally, I have 3m (which you suggested) which is working in general but obviously have the same problem, what arguments to pass?  I saw your screenshot of the emails with the subjects, etc., you sent a while back and I am wondering:  can you share the script which does that?  I mean, not the 3m script, I've got that and it does produce a small window: "3m "Test" but how in the world did you get it to show you your emails the way I see in the screenshot?

Or is that in combo with a different email client??


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