[sylpheed:35859] filter does not work

YuGiOhJCJ Mailing-List yugiohjcj-mailinglist at laposte.net
Sun Nov 3 03:26:12 JST 2013


I have a problem with Sylpheed 3.2.0 on a GNU/Linux Operating System.

I create a filter:
- Configuration > Filter settings... > Add
- Name: netaffiliation
- From, is, noreply at netaffiliation.com
- Move to, #mh/yugi at gmail.com/netaffiliation

But if I receive this e-mail:
From: noreply at netaffiliation.com
Subject: ACHAT-SKI, c'est reparti !
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 08:06:44 +0000

Then the mail is not filtered and I it is available in my Inbox instead of my netaffiliation folder.

Do you see why ?

Thank you.
Best regards.

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