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Thats ok.   What is puzzling about the media reporting countries being
"shocked" about the spying is that 

-256 bit encryption is still uncrackable without a maybe a quantum computer
-There exists things like network "diodes" that make only 1 direction
communication possible

This basic scenario describes an impenetrable communication I believe

Computer A - Isolated from any network
Computer B - connected to network
Computer C - connected to network
Computer D - isolated from any network

Computer A can communicate with computer D just fine, just not conveniently.
If the communications are intercepted, a spy still cannot crack 256 bit
encryption algorithm (at least one without defects).  BTW in order for the
algorithm to be effective, it can only be made of free software.  The
communication process from computer A to B and C to D can easily be made
unidirectional.  Therefore the NSA for example, can only monitor
communication from Computers B to/from C when the data is still encrypted
making it useless to them.

All the countries that are complaining about spying already know these facts
of course and communication on some secure method like this.    This
suggests to me that most countries are sharing their data and the purpose of
the spying is to spy on their own citizens I would guess for economic
reasons, control and to keep certain people in power.  It represents the end
of a free society and we are watching it happen right now.  How can this be
stopped?   People need to learn how to have secure communications
themselves.  Given how the average American has gotten dumber each year for
the last I would guess 50 years, I dont see that happening any time soon.
If anyone reads this and thinks "oh no, these emails are monitored by the
nsa etc",  then you know at that moment you no longer live in a democratic

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On 01/11/2013 21:08, cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> I am not giving Sylpheed a hard time at all.  I would like to know how 
> the licensing concepts work in general.
> cgw993
i know you are not giving Sylpheed a hard time (:-)) i was joking..
your questions are ""légitimate"..most of us have been quite shocked by the
big spy scam nsa,i just use a Freed_ora linux-libre operating system and
avoid using other systems that do not respect my freedom..
am no specialist as to gpl and other licenses but if most gnu/linux os
recommended by the gnu_org & fsf,so i guess Sylpheed's respect our
freedom.otherwise it would not be in the libre_os..


Linux, as distributed by Linus Torvalds et al, contains non-Free Software
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html>, i.e.,
software that does not respect your essential freedoms
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/about/what-is-free-software.en.html>, and it
induces you to install additional non-Free Software that it doesn't contain.

GNU Linux-libre
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html> is a
project to maintain and publish 100% Free versions of Linux, removing the
offending <http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html>

Freed-ora is a sub-project that prepares and maintains 100% Free RPMs that
track Fedora's non-Free kernels.

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> I'd much prefer blasting the NSA to space and let them handle 
> mysterious Pac man invaders than giving a hard time to Sylpheed..
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> On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:47:30 -0700 cgw993 wrote...
>> I like Sylpheed.   My only concern is that some of the code is non free I
>> guess.   I am hesitant to invest in learning new software unless I know
> for
>> certain I am not being spied on, that features are not forced on me 
>> whenever the developer feels like.  Non free code often can allow this.
>> Thx for reading.   Just wanted to rant about Outlook. Microsoft sucks.
> If you have concerns about how a developer designs his application, 
> you have the option of designing or refining your own.  Find an open 
> source MUA and tweak it to your hearts content.  If this is beyond 
> your abilities, I guess you have to live with what is available to you for

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