[sylpheed:35609] External Editor request

Harry Benson dogbrake2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 03:31:55 JST 2013

OK, so I guess the spell check issue is being ignored, but I am happy
to say I have managed to make Sylpheed work with my external editor
(wrote my own) which has spell check as you type and a User dictionary
for new words.

Would it be possible when creating the temporary file for the external
editor and passing any reply text, to include the Subject and maybe
the From and To data as well?

I can have my editor automatically strip them out before displaying it
to the user in my editor and display them in a small header above the
incoming text. Ideally they would be editable and when the text is
passed back to Sylpheed, you could adjust your Subject/From/To as
well. I would be happy to discuss the formats for these.

I may offer my spelling check editor up under the same GNU licenses as
Sylpheed as the spelling check is based around Hunspell. Not sure if I
can be bothered rewriting it to be a Sylpheed plug in though. :)

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