[sylpheed:35679] Re: CardDav support for sylpheed?

Ingo Strauch brack at the-one-brack.org
Fri Jul 5 06:52:27 JST 2013

On Mon, 1 Jul 2013 19:58:51 +0200
Ingo Strauch <brack at the-one-brack.org> wrote:

> And in the meanwhile: does someone have an idea what's the easiest way
> for a one-way "sync"? Like exporting from ownCloud and importing in a
> Sylpheed address book on a regular basis? This sounds like something
> one would automate with a script.

I started a small ruby script that connects to the owncloud server,
retrieves all contacts and writes an XML addressbook in the format
sylpheed uses with those contacts that do have an email-address.


There is one thing missing from this script: it leaves the uid of the
person and address empty for the moment. Not sure what I should use for
this uid.


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