[sylpheed:35533] Re: Problems with filters on IMAP accounts

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 05:05:37 JST 2013

Stefan A.:

> It turned out my problem was related to Sylpheed's
> treatment  of  emails   accessed   through   other
> clients.  When  I  access  new  emails in my inbox
> through my mobile phone or my provider's  web  in-
> terface  first,  Sylpheed  will  not  treat  these
> emails as "new" messages any more and consequently
> does  not  apply  my filter. This is also the case
> when I mark messages  as  "unread"  after  reading
> them  on  other  clients.   Sylpheed only runs the
> filter on messages which are downloaded from with-
> in Sylpheed first.

Thanks  for the inverstigation, I didn't know it!  I
believe this is worth mentioning in both the FAQ and

> I  suppose this is intended behaviour, but since I
> am trying to process *all* emails locally to  scan
> for viruses and spam, I am wondering whether there
> is a way to make Sylpheed scan all emails it down-
> loads  for  the  first  time, i.e. all messages of
> which it does not have a local copy,  irrespective
> of whether they have been read on other devices?

I  don't  know  and  join to your question.  I think
that the current behaviour with  IMAP  is  not  very
good as it makes Sylpheed depend on a random and un-
related factor: access from other clients.

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