[sylpheed:35532] Re: Problems with filters on IMAP accounts

Stefan A. stefan_a at portblue.de
Sat Jan 19 23:35:54 JST 2013

Anton Shepelev:

> Hmmm.  I don't  know.   Maybe  the  script-execution
> rules  are  not  well debugged?  Can you temporarily
> replace the "result of command"  with  some  simpler
> built-in  check  and see if the rule works correctly
> or still misses some messages?

Thank you for your input, Anton. After playing around with this a
little more, I've found out that the filter does indeed work as
intended. It is applied correctly to new emails when they arrive, and
does work as expected when run through "Tools" -> "Filter all messages
in folder".
It turned out my problem was related to Sylpheed's treatment of emails
accessed through other clients. When I access new emails in my inbox
through my mobile phone or my provider's web interface first, Sylpheed
will not treat these emails as "new" messages any more and
consequently does not apply my filter. This is also the case when I
mark messages as "unread" after reading them on other clients.
Sylpheed only runs the filter on messages which are downloaded from
within Sylpheed first.

I suppose this is intended behaviour, but since I am trying to process
*all* emails locally to scan for viruses and spam, I am wondering
whether there is a way to make Sylpheed scan all emails it downloads
for the first time, i.e. all messages of which it does not have a
local copy, irrespective of whether they have been read on other

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