[sylpheed:35520] Re: account name as collumn

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 02:00:08 JST 2013

Joris Kempen:

> Just  downloaded  and  testing Sylpheed to replace
> Thunderbird that I'm using  to  gather  about  50+
> pop3 gmail accounts (several bulliten boards, web-
> stores, websites  etc).  Thunderbird  has  trouble
> handling  so  much  pop3  account when getting the
> mail.
> I hope to find Sylpheed to be a  nice  alternative
> for  this.  But the first problem that arises is I
> can't add a collum to the email  view  that  shows
> the account name.

I  don't  think  you can do exactly this but you can
sort those messages into folders  inside  Sylpheed's
main  mailbox  or  the  IMAP folders of some special
IMAP account using filtering rules accessible from:

          Configuration -> Filter Settings

Will that do?

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