[sylpheed:35517] Re: Code conversion error

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 01:10:39 JST 2013


> When  I  reply to some emails, before the reply is
> sent I see a window titled "Code conversion error"
> which says,
>        Code conversion error
>        Can't convert the character encoding
>        of the message body
>        from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1.
>        Send it as UTF-8 anyway?
> What  causes  this? What does it mean? The message
> seems to get through OK anyway.

You probably have ISO-8859-1 in:

  Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Display ->
  Encoding -> Outgoing character encoding

So when you've copy-pasted some Unicode symbols into
Sylpheed's  "Compose"  window  and  pressed  "Send",
Sylpheed  tries  to  convert  your   messeage   into
ISO-8859-1 but fails because some of the symbols are
not present in this encoding.  It then asks  you  if
you'd  like  it  to send the message in the original
encoding, UTF-8.

You don't mind UTF-8, you can choose it as the  out-
going  encoding  and  thus  get rid of this message.
Otherwise, pay more attention to what  you  are  in-
serting in the compose window.

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