[sylpheed:35580] Re: Mail Filters not working

Frank Lienhard frank at mclien.de
Thu Feb 21 03:45:22 JST 2013

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013 11:50:08 +0400
Anton Shepelev <anton.txt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hiroyuki Yamamoto:
> > Please  note that automatic filtering on IMAP only
> > applies to 'uncached' messages.  For  example,  if
> > you open INBOX before filtering, it will not work.
> Would it be more
> reasonable to apply filters to all incoming messages
> on IMAP when the message is accessed by Sylpheed for
> the very first time to guarrantee that every message
> is checked against filters at least once?
> It  would  be  still imprefect because different in-
> stances of Sylpheed ....behaviour leading to fil-
> ters' being ingnored...
> Frank, does it answer your question?
OK, at least that explains the strange behavior on my account, bcause it was all about, whter I clickt my inbox or not while receiving the messages. While "receiving" seems the wrong word in my case..
To me it would be probably be the best solution to switch caching of globally, because it wouldn't make any diffrence on a local network like mine (only my house with 4 users that have a mail account). At least I thought the main diffrence between POP and IMAP was/is that IMAP sort of "just look" what's on the server while POP realy fetches it. That was what my settup was all about:
1 server, that holds all messages
several clients, which look in the mailfolders on the server
That way I don't have to care about where the mails are. Additionally all users have their homes on the server as well.
So caching off would be the most interesting way for me. (apart from letting dovecot do the filtering server-site)
Or even better: a sylpheed plugin which edits dovecot filters serversite...

But as workaround, waiting to open INbox until "receiving" (aka caching) mails would work.

Thanks a lot for cearing that up.

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