[sylpheed:35573] Re: Mail Filters not working

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 16:50:08 JST 2013

Hiroyuki Yamamoto:

> Please  note that automatic filtering on IMAP only
> applies to 'uncached' messages.  For  example,  if
> you open INBOX before filtering, it will not work.

I  have checked it and indeed, when opening the IMAP
INBOX folder manually  before automatic message  re-
trieval  the filters do not apply.  Would it be more
reasonable to apply filters to all incoming messages
on IMAP when the message is accessed by Sylpheed for
the very first time to guarrantee that every message
is checked against filters at least once?

It  would  be  still imprefect because different in-
stances of Sylpheed would try  to  filter  the  same
message,  and  even  the  same  instance would do it
again if its cache was cleared, but I think it would
be better than the current behaviour leading to fil-
ters' being ingnored...

Frank, does it answer your question?

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