[sylpheed:35551] Improvement requests - GNUPG and Wizzards

ChristophK christoph at kobenetz.de
Thu Feb 7 20:28:25 JST 2013

Hello Hiroyuki,

I've just upgraded from 3.2.0 to 3.4.0beta1 on Windows 7 and I *love*
the automatic mailto:-association/registration. This is a feature I've
waiting for since I first used sylpheed.

There are currently 2 problems I'm having when using sylpheed and I
hope you can help out:

1. On my System Sylpheed is installed in the default place (C:\...)
The config- and mail-directory is in a truecrypt volume that I have to
mount before using it (lets say K:\...).
When I start sylpheed without mounting the truecrypt volume (which
happens accidently from time to time) it will start up the wizzard and
closing sylpheed becomes an annoying task of six steps:

a) Create Mailbox Dialog-> Abort
b) Really Abort witout creating a Mailbox? -> Yes
c) Create New Account Dialog -> Abort
d) Really Abort? -> Yes
e) New user, cannot save address book -> Close
f) -> Close Sylpheed

Can this behaviour be changed? I guess that's quiet difficult by
options, because there is no access to the configuration files at that
point. I see two (three) solutions:

a) Most elegant: Allow sylpheed to be closed even when the Wizzard is
b) Alternate: No automatically started wizzards by default: Instead
there could be a big "Start wizzard" button in one of the sub-Windows.
c) Train myself not to click the sylpheed button when the volume is not
mounted ;-)

2. The GNUPG-Problem ...
Every time I install a new version of sylpheed I get a message window
telling me that gnupg is not properly installed, but it definitly is
properly installed.

I then copy (and overwrite) the files "libassuan-0.dll",
"libgpg-error-0.dll" and "libgpgme-11.dll" from the gnupg installation
to the sylpheed directory which makes sylpheed accept the gnupg
installation (for version 3.4.0beta1 libassuan-0.dll already was the
correct file and didn't need replacement).
This has been a problem for some time and many people by
now as I remeber from reading the mailing list.

Although these are non critical and somehow personal problems I hope
you find the time to do something about it.

Kind Regards
Christoph Kobe

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