[sylpheed:35917] Re: Add-On: OpenPGP with sylpheed

Stefan A. stefan.a at portblue.net
Sat Dec 7 18:24:21 JST 2013

@Frank, Javier, and Paul, while we are at the topic of PGP/MIME and
Inline PGP: I have a similar issue with a remote system which regularly
sends PGP-encrypted status messages (SSH intrusion, disk space status
etc.) to my email address, but I have not been able to format these
messages in a way that will make Sylpheed decrypt them automatically
(that is: without the action hack Paul mentioned).

I admit I am not very knowledgeable about PGP-related email formatting
standards, so I simply used the source of a PGP/MIME message which
Sylpheed successfully decrypts as a template, removed the original PGP
message block and put together a simple Bash script on the remote
system which takes the status messages, PGP-encrypts them (gpg -ea
--recipient KEYID), plugs them into the template and sends them out via
"mail -s". Decryption of such an email works flawlessly with
Thunderbird and Evolution, but Sylpheed refuses to show these emails
altogether (the body is simply blank). Do you guys have any ideas on
what may cause this or suggestions on what I should do to get Sylpheed
to show and decrypt these messages?

Thanks in advance!

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