[sylpheed:35757] Re: Sylpheed - Patch Install

tristan foxtail at gmx.fr
Wed Aug 28 01:57:41 JST 2013

On 27/08/2013 18:33, cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new user to Sylpheed.
me too thats why i joined the mailing list..but i have recently used it 
on a BLAG 140000 gnu+linux(no longer supported OS) and prefered it to 
Thunderbird,Icedove&Evolution,basically a very simple mail client.no 
fancy stuff.
>    My intent is to eventually transition all of
> my software over to GPL licensed software, but for now I am using Windows 7
> and installing some Free software in order to become familiar with how they
> work.
i did the transition 3 months ago and have booted into different 
Gnu+Linux operating systems
i did try out a few open-source/libre programs on win 7 and often they 
would not install,they were ""incompatible !!""Claws mail by example.If 
you want to run many Gpl sofware best is to use a Gnu+Linux operating 
system or dual
boot Win7&another system of your choice.
> In Sylpheed, does a user need to install a  patch in order to use a junk
> mail filter such as Bogofilter?  If so how does a user install this in
> Windows 7?  I have downloaded Bogofilter from Sourceforge but I do not know
> how to install it.  Any help would be appreciated.
sorry can't help yu on that one but spam filtering depends also on your 
> Thank you,
> Mach

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