[sylpheed:35727] Re: selecting all mails matching certain fields

Siard shiems146 at kpnplanet.nl
Thu Aug 1 19:21:23 JST 2013

Globe Trotter:
> Craig:
> > No, there is no search involved. You click on the "From" at the top
> > of the email list pane and all of the emails in that folder are
> > sorted by who sent them. You just highlight the ones corresponding
> > to your desired sender. You then move all of them by left clicking
> > on the one of the ones highlighted and dragging to your desired new
> > folder. All of the highlighted messages are moved.
> > 
> > Try it; you have nothing to lose.
> But this is not a general solution, sorry. Only works for "From",
> etc. What about a search on the Body contains? Would this work? Don't
> think so.

It looks like you're somewhat confused. Both Craig and I provided
another solution that _is_ a general solution. Didn't you notice?
> > > P.S. You have Sylpheed set to quote incorrectly, which makes your
> > > replies hard to read. Please fix it.
> >
> > Globe Trotter did not use Sylpheed. This is in his/her headers:
> > X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/280 YahooMailWebService/
> Correct! I post to sylpheed's ML using Yahoo! Use sylpheed for other
> IMAP-enabled e-mail. What is wrong with that? 

The problem is that quoted text looks messy and hard to read, as you
can see when you have a look at your original message. I would suggest
to try to correct that in the Yahoo! Mail settings.

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