[sylpheed:35637] Attach not seeing user/system folders

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 11 10:26:33 JST 2013

Sylpheed 3.4.0 beta 3/Win 8x64, Sylpheed set to run as an administrator.
I'm trying to attach some files from C: \Users \Gene1 \AppData \Roaming
\... and at Gene1 the Attach dialogue is not seeing the Windows or
system related folders, such as AppData, Cookies, Local Settings, My
Documents, etc.  It's been awhile since I sent a file from there, but I
recall in Win 7 ...\ApplicationData was there.  I don't see a setting
in Config.  Is there one or is something else going on (left out of the
beta)?  Thanks,


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