[sylpheed:35489] Windows 8 problem.

mike.ashworth at admin.ox.ac.uk mike.ashworth at admin.ox.ac.uk
Tue Nov 13 19:03:28 JST 2012

I've recently switched Sylpheed from an old Dell Dimension 8100 running Windows XP to a Dell XPS 8500 running Windows 8. 

I need all Users to see the messages in all Mailboxes, so I sited all the Mailboxes under C:\Users\Public on Windows 8.

However, under Windows 8, when User A saves a message to a mailbox, and User B tries to view that message, they see the message summary line OK, but the message text window displays "This message can't be displayed.". 

Old messages imported from Windows XP can be seen by all Users. When I compare the Properties of the files for the viewable and non-viewable messages, the Details tab for the viewable message has the property "Shared with Everyone". This property is not present for the new non-viewable message saved under Windows 8. 

Since the messages are all under the Public folder, I'd expect them all be shared with everyone. To manually alter the sharing of each message isn't practical. Maybe there's a better work-around? The viewing of all messages by all Users was OK under Windows XP.

<mike.ashworth at admin.ox.ac.uk>

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