[sylpheed:35488] account name as collumn

Joris Kempen jhj.kempen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 17:13:35 JST 2012

Hi people,


Just downloaded and testing Sylpheed to replace Thunderbird that I'm using
to gather about 50+ pop3 gmail accounts (several bulliten boards, webstores,
websites etc). Thunderbird has trouble handling so much pop3 account when
getting the mail.


I hope to find Sylpheed to be a nice alternative for this. But the first
problem that arises is I can't add a collum to the email view that shows the
account name.


For example I have 3 email account and I give them this name:

001 website a

002 forum board a

003 someother


Email addresses are websitea at gmail.com, forumboarda at gmail.com ,
someother at gmail.com


If I'm receiving I want those messages to be sorted on the account name 001,
002, 003


All I can manage to do is show the email address that it's sent to, and sort
on that. That doesn't work for me.


Am I missing something obvious in the settings? Or is it not possible? Can
it easily be added in the near future?


And how well is Sylpheed in handling 50+ accounts and having email
sent/received every 10  minutes?


Thanks in advance!




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